Biolam P2-1 Microscope

Biolam P2-1 Microscope
Biolam P2-1 Microscope
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Biolam P2−1 biological inverted-stage microscope is designed to observe cell culture, precipitation, liquids and chemical reactions in special laboratory glassware in transmitted light against light background, as well as in polarized light using the phase-contrast method.
Distinctive Functionalities:
— The inverted design of the microscope (top-down illumination, upward observation) allows for the placement of 110 mm height laboratory glassware with 2 mm base thickness. Moreover, the viewing of the culture medium over the monolayer is possible too;
Advanced methods of observation;
Removable substage with a wide selection of accessories to move the glassware of various shapes in two orthogonally related directions;
The microscope design allows for fast changeover for another observation method, as well as placement of a photomicrographic attachment if necessary.

  • Observation of the growth medium in cell monolayer
  • High contrast optics
  • Removable substage

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